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The company was established by Giuseppe Marchesini in 1965, after having gained experience at his father Domenico's small craft activity, that started in the early fifties


During the nazi-fascist era, mr.Domenico worked as turner at Valdol company in Valdagno and after the end of the war he started his small craft company, that specialized in turning and metalworkings for local clients. Peculiar was the building of tower clocks.


 Giuseppe went on with other types of metalworkings. At first he made iron garden furniture and later on, he managed to equip the laboratory with special ovens, welding machines and benders. 


He then switched his attention to parallel turning and radically transformed the company, as he bought the first CNC lathes.



In 1999, after he finished his studies, his son Paolo juxtaposed him.

During its 45 years of activity, the company went from the being a small craft laboratory to a state-of-the-art company with a covered area of 1500 sq.meters and more than 15 employees.

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