Giuseppe Marchesini Srl is a company working in the machining and metalworking sector, that manufactures products according to the customer's drawing. In its 50 years' experience, the company specialized in turning,milling, gear cutting, grinding, deep drilling and balancing.




    At the end of the Second World War Mr Domenico Marchesini, who used to work as a lathe turner at Valdol company, started his small craft activity where he performed turning and machining of small parts, including the manufacturing of bell towers' clocks. His son Giuseppe, who founded the current company, initially manufactured metal garden furniture and later geared towards turning operations: he radically transformed the business by buying lathes and engine lathes. From then on, and with the son Paolo, the nature of Marchesini Giuseppe Srl took shape: a company that is always in line with the times, capable of satisfying the customer's needs with proficiency and expertise given by its three-generations experience.

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